Welcome, Gamers and Anime Fans!

We are Ray and Sheena and we are a gaming and anime YouTube couple! You might know us better on social media and online gaming as InsaneWaya and SheeGee. We have a gaming channel, MrAndMrsGamer, anime channel, SpoilerAlertPodcast, and a miscellaneous channel, RayAndSheenaYT. We also have a channel where we post both of our Anime Music Videos.

Welcome to MrAndMrsGamer!

MrAndMrsGamer is a YouTube gaming channel we founded in May of 2011. After leaving a Call of Duty Black Ops clan, we started uploadingĀ Call of Duty related videos on YouTube.

What is SpoilerAlertPodcast?

Spoiler Alert Podcast is an anime YouTube channel that we started in January of 2014. We wanted to start a podcast channel where we can talk about currently airing anime episodes with other anime YouTubers.

RayAndSheenaYT: For Other Content

RayAndSheenaYT is a YouTube channel we created to post all non-gaming and non-anime related content. It is also a hub for all of our videos on MrAndMrsGamer, SpoilerAlertPodcast and SpoilerAlertAMV.