Anime vs Gaming YouTube Community – Size Matters

So Ray and I have been in the anime YouTube community for almost a year now. Before being part of this community, we were (and still are) active in the YouTube gaming community. Probably one of the biggest difference between the communities, aside from content, is the amount of content creator.

The gaming YouTube community is by far a whole lot larger than the anime YouTube community. Gaming hits more people worldwide while anime has a niche with consumers. Because of how large the gaming YouTube community is and how many different genres of games there are, it’s kind of hard to “bring the community” together. Many channels focus on a variety of games while lots focus on one game or one genre.

But even with a lack of centralization, the development of the gaming YouTube community definitely grew exponentially. Gamers with different backgrounds brought new and refreshing content to the internet. Companies and developers recognized the popularity and influence many YouTubers had in the industry that they even endorsed and supported these content creators. So even though there is no “togetherness” in the gaming YouTube community due to its sheer size, they have the ability to bridge the gap between developers and gamers.

Now as for the YouTube community, it is definitely still in it’s early stages of development so it’s kind of hard to determine if a niche group such as this can grow into a monster that is the gaming YouTube community. Because of how small the anime YouTube community is, content creators are able to network easier and there is a smaller gap between large and small Youtubers. The small size causes a conservatism in the community causing anyone doing things outside the norm to be casted out easily.

I’m not saying that the gaming YouTube community hasn’t gone through similar issues. In fact, I think every YouTube community has gone through this. The only difference again is size and the exponential growth gaming has over anime.

For now, all we can do is wait and see how the anime YouTube community will respond to change and growth.


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