“Do You Even Like Anime?”

When you dive into the world of “reviewing” anything, you fall into one of two things: you begin to look at things objectively or you become a cynical asshole. We don’t consider ourselves  anime reviewers at all. We have never reviewed any anime series in our lives nor do we even plan to at all.

And there’s reasons why we don’t. 

The first reason is that reviewing anime is a time and money consuming hobby and we simply don’t have a lot of that. Second is that we love anime and don’t want to watch a series objectively, which takes the fun out of being an anime fan in the first place. And lastly, we do not want to fall in the realm of becoming cynical.

Although we don’t review series, we notice that a lot of reviewers are so critical when reviewing anime, almost to the point where they are making fun of the series instead of making an objective review. And it isn’t just 1 or 2 out of 10 reviews, it’s a 7 of the 10 reviews. It made me wonder if half of these reviewers even like watching anime in the first place.

Being a cynical asshole doesn’t stop at making anime reviews but to other reviewers who rate all these series higher than their rating and regular anime fans who just simply enjoy watching anime. And at that point, it turns into elitism, which is a whole different animal.

My favorite reviewer and probably the one I respect the most, Arkada of Glass Reflections, mentioned this in his latest video, responding to the criticism he gets for not being critical enough. He definitely address the issue well, pointing out that of course his reviews would be anime series he enjoys otherwise, he would have dropped it.

I suggest watching the entire video because he makes a wonderful point about the subject:

End of the day, we don’t want to be that type of person that looks at something like anime in a critical manner. We just want to enjoy it.


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