The Inherent Problem with #EducateAnime Part 2

I find it funny a movement that is supposed to be about making a better community is doing the exact opposite. Everyone is acting like it’s time for war and we need to pick a side or be alone…But wait! Even if you just don’t want to be involved you are harassed until you pick a side or ignore people!


This is just a small part of just one discussion where someone said they didn’t want to follow the movement. Instead of understanding what that person got was a 46 tweet argument where these people were basically demanded a reason why they wouldn’t join. Instead of accepting that they didn’t want to join there were attempts at “guilting” people into joining claiming they must not care about the community if they are not joining. This is another example of the problem with this whole idea.

The community as it stands is not closer to being drama free with this movement that wants to “improve” it, in fact it has only gotten worse. I honestly don’t have a damn side because I find the whole thing pointless. Mature adults will discuss things like adults and children will argue until it gets to the point of harassment. This will never change that fact, there is no “utopia” this movement will bring and honestly there isn’t a need for a movement to begin with, lead by example. If you simply act like the mature adult everyone in this “movement” claims to be then it will be a shining example that will show people how good it can be when everyone acts in such a way. You really don’t need a community splitting movement to achieve this, all you needed was a positive message.

Now in response to goatjesus, fights are already happening in the name of #EducateAnime and it is splitting our community. Maybe from your side it looks like a bunch of positive people joining hoping to do good but from the outside it looks like a cult where you either join or die.

“Unfortunately, it’s not in the position to change its name.”

No, now is the only time you can change the name because if you guys let this continue and it does become negative you will have lost your chance to change things for the better. I really want to believe you guys when you say you are trying to do something good for the community but you create a huge risk by making a movement. You should honestly just end the movement and just try to spread good logical debates over hateful arguments. You don’t need a movement for this and it is only hurting the community right now. You mention in your video how things are not black and white yet this issue has been treated as if it is. I’ll repeat what i said earlier, I don’t have a side here and I just don’t like this movement because I find it pointless and a detriment to our community. It is doing more damage than good and that is a problem that can only be solved by stopping the movement and re-thinking what would actually be best to do. I mentioned a good alternative in lead by example, maybe you could consider that?

Once again I’d just like to state I have no hate towards anyone involved and just wish to see what I feel is a problem in our community solved. I get you guys have good intentions but sometimes that isn’t enough. I wish you all the best of luck in whatever you decide I just won’t be a part of it.



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