The Inherent Problem with #EducateAnime

Discretion: This post is in no way of starting any drama but merely to point out the problems of this “movement” that needs to come out.

Where do you even start with something like this…I guess we can start with the name. #EducateAnime isn’t a correct description for what this “movement” is; it’s about discussion not education. Sure, you can become educated through discussion but that’s not what this movement is at its core from what has been said. #DiscussAnime would make far more sense as it’s about discussion and not about educating people. Part of the reason for that is a large part of what we discuss in the anime community is based around opinion. When people hear the word educate they think of cold hard facts being taught to you when opinions will never be that. They can be backed up by facts but an opinion is still an opinion at the end of the day. 

The next problem would be the birth of the #EducateAnime movement and some of the people the are involved or have been supporting it. When it started it was stepped in negativity out of a hatred towards certain things, one of which being chronexias thumbnails. This is where the movement falls apart and why it will continue to cause drama, big or small if not changed. Assumptions are basically being made the chronexia has not considered if it is a bad thing to put “fanservice-y” thumbnails that some may consider sexist. So now lets say for example that he has considered it and finds it to be ok, then what? The arguing will erupt and problems/drama will start all over again. “But Waya that’s the point of the movement, it’s not to do that but to discuss it!” That won’t always happen, I honestly wish it would but the problem is opinions that are different will continue to exist. The best course in this case would actually be to ignore the situation if you actually don’t want drama, because a discussion like this will bring nothing but that.

The sad fact is sometimes drama will happen and in some cases is even needed to bring about a change and get a discussion flowing. How do you plan to stop the drama and negativity if drama is started in the name of #EducateAnime? Also how will you pick your fights if you aren’t one group with similar opinions? When is action truly needed? These are all questions that will arise with a movement like this. Keep in mind that I don’t find the movement inherently bad, it’s more like unrealistic. The ideas behind the movement aren’t really all that bad and could help people learn to talk about things more maturely but you will end up stepping all over your own toes if you aren’t extremely careful. To be fair you already have in the case with chronexia a bit.

You mentioned yourself that the movements biggest strength and yet weakness is how broad it is, how it doesn’t really apply to one or two things and how complicated it is. Well here is the weakness showing itself. If it grows large enough there will be no controlling it, and by how it’s described it shouldn’t be anyways. It’s for that reason that it’s at risk to become negative in the anime community like #gamergate is for the gaming community. If you still want to do this I would start by changing the name and making a more simple clean cut goal, because there isn’t always room for complexity and there is always more to add to a discussion bathed in opinions.

Now lets get to the inherent problem with complexity in these discussions itself.  Complexity isn’t always needed! Not everyone wants to write an essay to defend their opinion on a show or topic nor does everyone have the time. Sometimes you need to just accept the fact that there are different opinions and that someone disagrees with you and that it isn’t worth fighting over. Some people may enjoy discussing their opinions in depth but most just want to state them and don’t have a laundry list as to why they have them prepared at all times. Also, how can you ever relay an opinion in a timely manner if you are expected to list every reason why you like or dislike something? If you are reviewing an anime for example, if you were to go as in depth as it would take to scathe off any argument with why your opinion is as it is it would take forever to make a video and no one would want to watch. I could easily go onto anyones review of an anime, good or bad, and point out something not mentioned that conflicts with what their review said about it. Are you starting to see where the problem is here? How annoying and not fun will the community become if we have to conduct ourselves in this way just to get an opinion across? The better idea would be to just consider a persons opinion and take away what you can from it most of the time. If you nitpick everything it becomes unappealing to many, why do you think some people make 2-3 minute reviews or recommendations?

In the long run I’m not saying i completely disagree with the movement but if you are gonna try to do something like this you need to be more concise and make a more simple goal that will hopefully help achieve something positive for the community as a whole. None of us want the community to be a drama hate filled place, we want it to be peaceful and fun so please think about how you can best do that and do what you wanna do with this “movement” while achieving the peace we all want. Granted drama will still always happen at times it’s best to avoid it and you can do that if you think this through. I could go on even more discussing things like how you don’t want people to forcibly spread it and just let people embrace the idea of #EducateAnime yet that is exactly what you are doing yourself, you’re spreading it. Maybe in a passive aggressive way but you’re still spreading it. When you make a movement you want people to join you want them to express it, yet you said yourself in the video explaining what #EducateAnime is that you want people to join it “naturally” but if that was the case you wouldn’t need a movement because most people can debate about things like an adult already if they have that level of maturity.

Now I feel the need to mention how Hell+, you are a problem within this whole movement. In the explanation video you mention how nice you want people to be and understanding and all the good stuff I mentioned before…yet look at what you do, not exactly a shining example. Sure you have apologized on twitter after starting this movement but that seems pretty insincere don’t you think? All of a sudden after the things you have said to people before you want everyone to be nice? Once again look at what you have said about chronexia, look at the video you made about him. That video was not in lines with what you’re saying and not to mention downright mean.


#educateanime is about promoting rational thought and arguments in the Anime community!”


So who decides what is rational exactly? One person could find an argument completely rational while another does not based on how they feel or their opinions on something. Even if most people agree I’m sure you can see the problem here. Sometimes in emotion filled arguments rationality flies out the window. For example I understand where Hell+ was coming from with the video about chronexia but I also feel it was going overboard and it was very mean spirited. Making it, in my opinion, irrational. Keep in mind I don’t watch chronexias videos because I don’t enjoy his kind of content, but I also don’t hate on him because he is doing well on youtube. I mean in the video about chronexia it was even mentioned how his #10 pick for best anime movie was bad. Thats not a very good argument backed by anything. It’s this hypocrisy that i am finding myself having a problem with as well.

I have written all of this doing my best to keep out any kind of anime elitist comments that I have been seeing a lot but I think it’s worth mentioning that the fact people are seeing it that way speaks a lot to how people view this movement so keep that in mind. I am also writing this ignoring the sexism part as much as i can because while I think there is a problem with it as well, I think the reason that a lot of stuff is how it is tends to be pretty obvious and the majority of people agree with these ideas to an extent. But it’s tricky ground that also goes into changing the anime culture of japan as a whole which is ridiculous. That’s not to mention the fact that some people obviously enjoy it and if we don’t we can easily just not watch it.

Anyways I could go on and on about what’s wrong with the idea/how it is being approached but that would be me proving the problem with it even further and I think you already get the message. Keep in mind I have no ill feelings towards any of you involved in starting it I just feel its being handled wrong and needs to be thought through a bit more. Also, consider changing the name of it. #DiscussAnime makes more sense and sounds better and considering the end goal of the idea I find the current name laughable. If the idea was to educate anime you would simply make videos educating people about anime with fact based things not reviews or opinions of any sort, we may even respond to this whole #EducateAnime stuff by doing just that to hopefully change this from the negative that it is becoming to something positive about promoting education about the people that make the anime we all love and enjoy. I hope you can focus it down, rebrand it in a way, and do something good. Hopefully you don’t take offense to this and seriously consider the points I made.




One thought on “The Inherent Problem with #EducateAnime

  1. Mikel Dever says:

    Hi Sheena! I’m very impressed with how eloquent this was compared to the venom you were spreading on twitter. So that’s highly appreciated! This sort of post is exactly what EducateAnime is really about. It’s about confronting and improving. That’s been the point since it’s creation. That’s why it’s been changing into something better over the last few days.

    First off, yes. It unfortunately started off with criticizing Cronexia unfairly. Rob has apologized and moved on from that. He’s deeply sorry about what he said and means to fix it with the guy personally. So there’s really no need for you to bring it up since that’s already in motion. Plus, Rob’s not really the head of this anymore. His personal feelings towards anyone is pretty much irrelevant.

    We’re not going to pick fights. This movement is not about fighting. Any fights against anyone are irrelevant and will never be backed up in the name of EducateAnime. EducateAnime is simply about sharing content. That’s all. You might have squabbles with someone who’s a part of it, but the movement itself is not some corporation.

    We’re actually going to start a subreddit or a forum based on the idea after a while. For now though, it can be youtube based. But eventually, we can extend to more than just youtube videos. We’ll have moderators. Sure, there’s always going to be the chance a moderator would be corrupt (and I seriously hope that that won’t be the case.) But it’s better than let it go “wild” as you put it. The rules will simply be based on secular morality. Don’t say anything vulgar. Don’t threaten. Etc. Etc. No need to spread any unnecessary pain.

    When Rob was talking about complexity, he’s actually right. We mentioned in the hour long video, some things can be simple. But what about feminism? That’s a very complex subject. The content we’re hoping to accumulate with actually be scholarly (hopefully). We’ll probably have a place to post general material for those who want to talk about simple stuff, but more complex stuff will be peer reviewed and accepted. This is a simple process I have personally done for others academically.

    You also have disregarded the possibility that people have been spreading unfounded rumors about the matter. Some person asked if it was going to seek to destroy the lolicon community. No. It won’t. But that as an example expresses just how irrational people on twitter can be.

    EducateAnime is wrongly named. I will agree with that. But under the context of learning from each other and seeking improvement, it’s not really a bad name. It does come across as a little condescending. But that’s not the intention. Unfortunately, it’s not in the position to change its name.

    I don’t really take any offense to it! But I think you’ve been speaking for us way too soon. Please take a step back. We’re working out the problems! And we have no intention of following GamerGate’s path. Though I appreciate the feedback.


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