#AnimeEducation What is Ufotable?

The purpose of #AnimeEducation is to take the knowledge of avid anime viewer and give that knowledge to new and casual viewers. The goal is to spread the information to others who enjoy the same entertainment medium. What readers do with the information and what opinions they form is all up to them.

With the Fall 2014 season in full stride, there’s probably one studio that you have probably been hearing about quite a bit and that is Ufotable. But why are we hearing about it now and for what series? 

The reason why Ufotable is getting attention is because of a new series out called Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works. Ufotable has also been involved in a previous Fate series called Fate/Zero and Fate/Zero 2. The reason why Ufotable has been given so much praise is most likely the quality of their work in the Fate series. While they have only 10 series since 2002 (11 if you count the upcoming God Eater), the quality of their production didn’t really take off until 2011 with the first Fate/Zero series. Even so, the giant leap in quality from their older series still creates a buzz among avid anime viewers when hearing the studio name.

Ufotable was founded in 2000 and although they only have 10 shows to their name, they have been involved in lots of In-Between animation for other series. In addition to animated TV series, Ufotable produced films and original video animations. Some of the known ones are Kara no Kyokai, Tales of Symphonia the Animation and GYO.


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