Anime Recommendation | Parasyte -the maxim-

Today SheeGee gives you another anime recommendation! This time we recommend the gruesome, Parasyte the maxim!


One thought on “Anime Recommendation | Parasyte -the maxim-

  1. The Ranting Loon says:

    Wow, I just watched this the other day. You are spot on with your review if you ask me, easily a contender for one of the best anime in simulcast right now. I hadn’t heard about the manga yet though, so now I’m going to have to check that out too, thank you!

    I love how the show is constantly making you ask the question about what is human (and even, what is life) even when it isn’t bringing it to the forefront with some of the subtle nuances of all the characters and the slow change in the main character as he deals with his new “friend”. Makes for an excellent psychological thriller without having to really crank the gore to 11 (and in fact, I find the gore masterfully tastefully lampshaded instead of truly brought into the forefront). Definately looking forward to the next episode.


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