#AnimeEducation What Are Studios and Are they Important?

The purpose of #AnimeEducation is to take the knowledge of avid anime viewer and give that knowledge to new and casual viewers. The goal is to spread the information to others who enjoy the same entertainment medium. What readers do with the information and what opinions they form is all up to them.

Anime studios are companies that create Japanese animated series, movies, OVAs, etc. Other than big named animation studios like Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks, most Westerners don’t really pay much attention to the studios when watching cartoons. However, it’s a little bit different to avid anime viewers. 

There are about 100 anime studios in Japan, each with their own unique style or characteristic. But with so many studios, why should an anime viewer care? Let’s take the example of western animation studios. When you hear Pixar, you already have an expectation with the movie or short: CG animation, Disney, and a simple story that’s told in the highest quality.

In a way, this is similar to anime viewers. When we hear about a new series and see who’s going to produce it, we begin to have lots expectations about the series, whether it’s high or low. Not all expectations are correct, but it’s a starting point when there are so many series out there. This is the main reason why I tell my viewers about the studio in my Anime Recommendation videos.

Let’s take an example: a new season is starting in a couple of weeks and I’m given a long list of series that will be airing. I run into a series where the show will be done by PA Works. Knowing PA Works from previous shows, I expect that the animation will be beautiful. It’ll be done in the highest quality and will be just stunning. However, when it comes to the story itself, it might be good or it might be bland, so there is a 50-50 chance on that end. So from there, I will most likely pick up this series. Whether the first episode captivates me with it’s story telling will determine if I continue it or not.

There are many other examples I could give, but that will be up to you. As you watch more anime, you begin to create your own opinions of a studio and may base your list of shows that you will be watching on that.

As an avid anime viewer, I won’t tell you to learn every studio out there and only use that knowledge to judge a series. Knowing the studio is a good way to give a judgement of the series before you watch it, but if you want to judge it based on the premise given or other information like if it was based off a manga, then that is fine too. After a short lesson in the role of anime studios, it is up to you whether to consider them important or not.


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