Anime Convention Guide – Buying Badges

With anime conventions coming up, I decided to write a few blogs on different topics about going to a convention. I’ve been going to different anime conventions since 2007 and I think I’ve had enough experience to write a few guides on it.

So the very first thing to know is buying badges. While the topic seem simple enough, people are always asking questions about it. First, depending on the convention policy, buying badges can be a commitment. Some conventions make it so that once you buy a badge, you cannot get a full refund. So before buying it, you have to know that you will be taking time off work or school. There are some conventions that allow you to transfer the badge to someone else, but again, you need to read the policy on badges. Ask yourself a lot of “What if’s” and see if the policy answers it. If not, there’s always a contact email to ask.

Next is when to buy badges. Once you know  for sure that you will be going, it’s usually best to buy as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the higher the price will be. Conventions usually have times on they increase the price. For example, from January 1st to January 31st, the price will be $50. Then from February 1st to the 28th, it’ll go up to $55. Again, every convention is different so always know when the prices increase. However, sometimes, conventions will have sales. Anime Expo has a Black Friday weekend sale where badges go for $49, which is really cheap. I usually wait for the Black Friday sales because Ray and I plan on convention stuff just as they end!

While there are normal badges for regular attendees, some conventions offer badges that give you more access to things. Anime Expo has premiere badges that allows the attendee to front of the line access to panels and all access to main events. Again every convention is different, so be sure to read into all the policies for them.

Lastly, watch out for registration caps!! Some convention will only allow up to a certain amount of attendees and will close registration when they hit that cap. Follow the convention’s Twitter or Facebook page to keep updated with any updates.

That is it for this guide on buying convention badges. I will be back with more guides. In the mean time, check out our anime channel: Spoiler Alert Podcast


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