Anime Convention Guide – Where To Stay

With anime conventions coming up, I decided to write a few blogs on different topics about going to a convention. I’ve been going to different anime conventions since 2007 and I think I’ve had enough experience to write a few guides on it.

The next thing to look into is where to stay at these conventions, assuming you will not be commuting. When it’s a large convention, meaning at least 10,000 attendees, and it’s not within a 10 mile radiance of where I live, I tend to stay overnight at a hotel near the convention. The larger the convention, the more events they will have and it’s usually worth staying late at night and waking up early for panels, exhibit hall, and events.

First thing you want to look into is if there are any hotels affiliated with the convention. For Anime Expo, they release a block of hotels where you can book a room at the same time as you register. These usually go out a little later in the convention year. There are perks to staying at these hotels. For Anime Expo, they usually have free shuttles that will take you back and forth from the hotel to the convention center. The rooms might also be cheaper than if you book them separately.

Hotels can be very expensive. I highly suggest getting a group together and share the cost of staying at the hotel. However, find people you know very well. I’ve seen people ask in Facebook groups or forums for roommates. While it’s none of my business on what they do, I personally wouldn’t ask random people to stay overnight with.

Another alternative is finding a friend or family member who lives in the area and ask them if you can stay overnight. Again, I’d have someone who I know very well rather than a stranger, especially if you’ll be living in their house for the weekend. This is a cheaper alternative and the only thing you’ll need to be concerned about is getting to and from the convention center.

The last alternative, which is one that we’re trying out next year, is renting out a home or apartment near the convention. We actually rented out a studio apartment right across the street from the convention center from a credible site like Airbnb. Be sure to look into how the stay will be because in some homes, you will be renting out a room of the house. This means the owners will be there with you. Personally, I prefer to rent out the whole place and there are options on there. Just be sure to contact the owner of the house or apartment and get as many details as you can.

That is it for this guide on staying over night at conventions. I will be back with more guides. In the mean time, check out our anime channel: Spoiler Alert Podcast


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