Anime Convention Guide – The REQUIRED Convention Care Package

With anime conventions coming up, I decided to write a few blogs on different topics about going to a convention. I’ve been going to different anime conventions since 2007 and I think I’ve had enough experience to write a few guides on it.

Now that you bought your badge, let’s go through what you need to bring with you every day of the convention. Make sure to bring a backpack to keep all your stuff in.

Here is what you NEED to have in your bag:

Identification Card: When picking up a badge at the convention, they always require you to show your ID. Also, there are some panels and events that are 18/21+  so it’s always good to show proof that you can go in. Also in case of any emergency, you have your ID on you.

Cash: Some booths in the exhibit hall and in artist alley will only do transactions with cash. Estimate how much you think you will need and use it sparingly. This can also be emergency cash.

Debit/Credit Card: It doesn’t hurt to carry this with you. You can use it for things in the exhibit hall, food, and paid events. Just don’t go too crazy with it. Set a limit for yourself.

Cellphone: Always have your cellphone on you for various reasons: emergency, meeting up with a friend, and so on.

Badge: ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BADGE ON YOU. You will need it to get into the convention, panels, exhibit hall, events and so on. If you are commuting, make this your NUMBER ONE priority.

Guide Book: The guide book is provided to you by the convention when you first get your badge. Always carry it around you. It lists all the events and panels and in what room and time they will be held. Also, they should contain a map of the convention to help you find the room you need. In addition, they list all the guests of honor, exhibitors and their location and so much more. While some cons have phone apps to schedule what your plans are, you might find something in the guide book that you didn’t see before.

Bottle of Water: Bring a bottle of water with you per person EVERY DAY of the convention. Keep yourself hydrated whether it’s a winter or summer convention. You’re human, you need it. Plus, you will save money on drinks from the vending machines and stores. They’re usually way overpriced.

Snacks: Bring at least 2 snacks per person. The snacks will help you last between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner. You will lose energy fast with all the walking and the excitement so have something to eat to re-energize you. I highly suggest non-sugary snacks and have things like a granola bar like Nature Valley. They’re good for you and taste good!

Camera: Remember, you are at a convention. You want to save your memories and share your experience. No matter what convention you are going to, always bring a camera. Take pictures of cosplayers (with their consent) and guests of honors (if you’re allowed), record moments with friends, and immortalize the experience. You want to one day share them with friends and family or look back on them.

Now these are things that are necessities in your convention care package. I will post another guide on some optional things you may want to bring with you. In the mean time, check out our anime channel: Spoiler Alert Podcast


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