Anime Convention Guide – The Optional Pack

With anime conventions coming up, I decided to write a few blogs on different topics about going to a convention. I’ve been going to different anime conventions since 2007 and I think I’ve had enough experience to write a few guides on it.

Now that you have the required items in your backpack, here’s some things to consider when packing for the convention. These are things you don’t need to pack but you might want to have on you.

Lunch/Dinner: If you didn’t budget in money for a meal or simply don’t want to spend any money for food, bring lunch, dinner or both. I highly suggest meals that can survive in your backpack like a cold sandwich.

Poster Tube: A lot of the industry booths like FUNimation or Crunchyroll will sometimes offer you a poster as you walk by or if they’re running a campaign. Or maybe you plan on buying a poster from one of the stores at the exhibit hall. Having a poster tube is beneficial because it keeps the poster in good condition throughout the day.

Autograph Book/Item: Every convention has a guest of honor that comes by and have an autograph session. Be sure to check ahead of time to see who will be there. If you happen to have a manga or DVD or any work one of the guest of honor was a part of, bring it and get it autographed! If you have a dark colored item, bring a special pen for it because they usually have a black sharpie.

Nintendo 3DS: Anime convention is a cesspool of streetpasses. If you have one, be sure to bring it!

Cosplay Emergency Kit: Now we’re not big on cosplay so we won’t go into the details of what to put in this kit but if you are wearing a costume, always bring one with you. Don’t leave it in your hotel room or your car. You don’t want someone asking to take your picture, only to notice that your parts of your cosplay is falling apart.

Anti-Germ/Stink Kit: It’s hot, it’s crowded and you are sweating in a sea of people. Most likely, throughout the day, you are building up a smell that can be embarrassing. If you want, bring something to clear that stench out of there. While not many will do this, doing your part in freshening yourself up will help. However, don’t be that guy spraying people around with it. It just makes you look rude and that person might be allergic to whatever is in a can of Febreze. You don’t want to walk out of the convention with a charge for harassing people. Just keep the spraying to yourself. Also, if you have a phobia in germs, bring some hand sanitizer.

Chargers: This is another thing you can bring whether the charger is for your phone, hand held console or camera. I don’t really require it unless you have a device where the battery dies fast.


Now these are things that are optional to have. I will be posting another article on some of the main events you may want to check out while at the convention. In the mean time, check out our anime channel: Spoiler Alert Podcast


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