Anime Expo 2015

Hello all!

Earlier this month, Anime Expo 2015 happened on July 2-July 5, 2015! It was such an incredible experience! Here’s a little recap of what we did during the convention.

Day 0

We arrived in LA. Instead of booking a room in a hotel, we had booked a studio apartment through Airbnb. The apartment complex was literally right across the street and was a closer walk than the JW Marriott. We invited up anime Youtubers LouTalksAnime, RandomSama613, and MissArt to hang out for a bit in the apartment. We met up with some of my high school friends for Korean BBQ that night at are usually place. That night we grabbed our badges. We literally waited 1 minute to get our badges. I’m glad AX fixed that whole line issue from last year!

Day 1

So Day 1 started up with us meeting with Lou and Random at the apartment. We walked down to the convention center and walked around the exhibit hall and met up with MissArt in Artist Alley. We then explored the convention center and hung around the Entertainment Hall. They had this whole booth set up with the history of gaming. We eventually met up with another Youtuber, HappileeErin. Later that day, we tried to go to Octopimp’s panel. We got there an hour early and were told that we from where we were in line, we were guaranteed to get a seat. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get into the panel. We ended up ordering dinner that night. Ray, Lou and Random went out to the bars for drinks while I stayed in the apartment. I was way too exhausted that night!

Day 2 

So day 2 started out with me going to the AMV room with Ray and my high school friend, Kitty. I had to do a presentation for the AMV Creator Takeover Panel. Ray went back to the apartment to meet up with Random and Lou and I went with Kitty back to the convention center. We met up with 2 other high school friends and hung out in Lounge 21 while Ray, Lou and Random went to do some shopping in the exhibit hall. I eventually met up with Ray, Lou and Random (and eventually met up with MissArt and her husband) and we went to go to Dodger‘s Panel. We got in as her camera crew so we were guaranteed in. We did actually record her panel for her though. After the panel, we went back to the apartment. We got a message from Dodger that she had some extra tickets to the Porter Robinson/Anamanaguchi concert that was hosted by Crunchyroll. We headed down the Microsoft Theater, met up with Erin and Dodger and had one hell of a dance party in the theater. It was definitely a great experience!

Day 3

Day 3 started a little later than usual. We met up with MissArt outside the convention center to go to the Fate/Stay Night Ufotable event. That was a really cool event because they had some of the key people who worked on UBW, the Japanese voice actress of Saber, and 2 concert by Aimer and Ayano Mashiro (2 artists who did the 2 openings of UBW). After the event, Lou, Random, Ray and I all met back up to the apartment and got ready for the MangaPod panel. We met up with MissArt again for the panel. After the panel, Ray, Random, Lou and I bought boba from the food trucks. It was Lou’s first time having boba so we were glad to have witness him lose his boba virginity. We all headed back up to the apartment. My high school friends stopped by and we had some drinks. Forneverworld and Double4Anime also came by to hang out. Eventually, everyone had to leave and Random and Lou stayed over for the night in preparation for Day 4.

Day 4

Day 4 was going to be the day we get all the good deals. We met up with TheAnimeCollector to talk for a bit then eventually went into the convention hall. We bought a lot of manga, DVDs and for me, plush/cute things. We briefly met up with HappileeErin. After the shopping, we went back to the apartment to relax and pack up a little. Random and Lou then went back home. That was pretty much all we did that day

So that was just a recap of our adventures at Anime Expo! It was tons of fun! I was really glad to meet some new friends and see old ones again. The people really make the convention much more fun. Can’t wait for next year!

Please be sure to check out the Anime Expo highlight video 

Also check out our haul video: 

We have pictures too!




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