Two Different Characters in #RE7 demo??


Since its release, the Resident Evil 7 demo has been shrouded in mysteries especially the purpose of the dummy finger and ax. But what’s been eating at me for awhile is the main character you are playing.

How did he get in the house? Why is he there? Why does he need to get out?

After viewing the tape, many probably assumed you are playing as Clancy, the new cameraman for Pete and Andre. But after awhile, I noticed something odd.


What do we know about Clancy? He’s a new camera guy for Pete’s “Ghost Adventure” like show. Thanks to the first person view, we have no idea how he looks like…except his hands and what he was wearing.

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Based on the images above, on the night of June 1, 2017, Clancy was wearing a short sleeved blue shirt, a black rubber band on his right wrist and a black watch on his left wrist.


At first glance many probably assume Clancy is the lone survivor of an attack at the end of the VHS tape. Knocked out and left in the living room, we can guess he needs to get out. But is that really it? Let’s take a look at the character’s hand when he’s picking up the phone.


No watch on his left hand,  and now a white long sleeve?? After you are welcomed into the family, we are able to view what happened after finding Andre. Pete for sure was stabbed and killed but what about Clancy? We can only assume based on the demonic nature of that woman, Clancy was killed. So who is this character we are playing in the real world?


The son of Jack and Marguerite Baker, Lucas.  According to Andre, Lucas was a bad seed. But if the man who welcomes  you into the family and calls you son is Jack, can we really say Lucas is the bad one? Maybe rumors started by his parents. It’s possible you are playing as Lucas in the real world and  are uncovering the horrible truths of his parents, especially his father. Or perhaps you’re another victim of the Bakers.


The last thing I want to cover is that there is most likely time skip between the VHS and the real world. The tape is dated June 1, 2017.  But how much time has passed between that fateful night and when you find yourself in the living room? I’m guessing it’s been a few days to a week between those two times. There have been quite a few changes between the video and real world: The door has been changed from a white door to a red one, no thanks to Andre for kicking it down, the dead, carved out animal now next near the back door, a lot items moved around, some that appeared in the tape and some that didn’t, etc. But there are still things in the house that show no more than a week has gone by like the stew still sitting there and the house isn’t as rotted out between the two times.


Since it’s confirmed that the demo has nothing to do with the actual game, I don’t think speculating too deep into this is that important. But I do believe it is something good to point out since things aren’t really what it seems in this demo. NOW CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE US MORE HINTS ON THE DUMMY FINGER, CAPCOM???



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