WonderCon: Through the Eyes of an Anime Fan


Before I begin this blog, I’d like my readers to take a moment and watch my WonderCon 2017 Vlog. It’s exclusively available on YouTube:

Now that we have that plug out of the way, I’d like to talk about my experience of WonderCon. For those who don’t know, WonderCon is basically San Diego Comic-Con’s little brother and is held in Anaheim, CA. Both events are even ran by the same group.

Anyways, I went to the event on Saturday and Sunday. Walking up to the Convention Center,  you can see the massive banners portraying the WonderCon logo and some new NBC show I had no care in the world about. I actually looked into “Midnight, Texas” and it’s based off a book of the same name.

Walking into into the Center, I noticed there wasn’t a lot of decorations in the lobby area. Only a few reused banners I think I’ve seen in vlogs from previous years. Now I’ve been going to conventions for 10 years now and most usually have nice banners and sometimes booths in the lobby area. One can argue that maybe the Anaheim Convention Center doesn’t allow booths and displays in the lobby. Not necessarily true. I’ve attended BlizzCon and walked through VidCon and NAMM and their use of the lobby was impressive. Looking through old videos on YouTube, I see that this simple lobby set up is a norm. Maybe to give attendees more room and I can see that as a good thing.

As I entered the exhibit hall, I was blown away with the rows upon rows of vendors, from the small mom and pop comic book shops to artist alley to large industry owned booths. It was fan’s dream.

Now as someone who isn’t really big on comics and more of an anime fan, not a lot caught my interest. I wasn’t interested in the comic book shop vendors (although I kind of regret not looking for Nightwing stuff.) I did find a few anime things but I figured I would buy them at Anime Expo anyways so I didn’t bother. I did end up buying a WonderCon shirt and a Kinfold hat.

But WonderCon wasn’t just all about comics, although that made up the bulk of it. There was a lot of pop culture highlighted throughout the show through cosplay and even the booths. Movies, TV shows and internet memes takes up a good chunk of WonderCon. Anime was also very prevalent throughout the convention as well.

To be fair, comic books and anime are becoming more and more mainstream which causes a lot of overlap between the two even in conventions. There are also a lot of common interest such as video games.

Overall, I enjoyed WonderCon more than I thought I did! What I liked the most about it was the cosplayers and interacting with the people I met. Would I go again next year? Maybe. Depends on where my finances lies but if given the chance, I definitely would!

Also, here are pictures I took! https://flic.kr/s/aHskSub2hj



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