About Us!


The YouTube Couple

We are SheeGee and InsaneWaya and we are a YouTube couple!

We started making YouTube videos in 2011 with the creation of our first channel together, MrAndMrsGamer. At the time, we were big in Call of Duty and wanted to share our love for the game as well as amazing gameplays. Over time, we branched out to other games, doing co-op let’s plays and tip videos.

In addition to playing video games, we LOVE anime. So we decided to start a channel focused around anime. We created Spoiler Alert Podcast, a podcast where we and a guest or two discuss the latest episodes of anime. Aside from the podcast, we recommended currently airing anime series, anime vlogs, an anime off topic series and a few anime convention videos.

Aside from all this, we edit anime music video for fun and also have a channel for that.

We hope you guys enjoy the site!

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