Welcome to MrAndMrsGamer!

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MrAndMrsGamer is a YouTube gaming channel we founded in May of 2011. After leaving a Call of Duty Black Ops clan, we started uploading Call of Duty related videos on YouTube.

For awhile, we posted a lot of Call of Duty videos, from gameplay commentaries to gameplays where Ray gets +100 kills. Recently, we’ve added variety to our gaming channel from Let’s Plays to tips and “how to’s.”

Our Channel

Lately our channel contains a variety of content with a variety of games. However, we do still continue to post Call of Duty content. Here is what our channel consists of:

  • Gameplay Commentaries
  • Let’s Play
  • Couple Co-Ops
  • MRvMRS
  • How To’s

We also have a Twitch.Tv channel where we occasionally livestream games. We are considering return the livestreaming to YouTube with the new YouTube Gaming site, but for now, we will be streaming on Twitch only. If you’re interested in checking out our Twitch channel, click HERE.

Social Media

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